Arma Dei Academy Full-Year Program, Chess Nuts Kindergarten Chess

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Arma Dei Academy: 341 Wildcat Reserve Pkwy, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126, USA
Sep 07 2023
May 16 2024


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After school

3:45 PM - 5:00 PM

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After school

Chess Nuts is a chess-song singing, laughing, chess-tourney, dancing, clock-slapping, zany video, puppet show introduction to chess and being the smart kid in the room. Kids report Chess Nuts to be the favorite part of their week, because kids love our infectiously-fun thinking activities are developmentally-targeted to be compelling, exhilarating, and gratifying.

Guaranteed to delight, Chess Nuts is the perfect way to instill enthusiasm for chess and help your kindergartener gain academic confidence while learning the basics of the game and having a blast.

Upon enrollment, new students receive a TKS T-Shirt, chess set, chess bag, and all the colorful TactixBands they can earn!

Did you know that Kindergartners get four special privileges in their The Knight School Chess classes? Yep. In fact, our kindergarten division is so important to us that it is a completely different The Knight School division called “Chess Nuts.” While kindergartners and elementary kids enjoy the gags and movies and prizes and excitement of chess class together every week in order to maximize the fun for kindergartners and also to accelerate the chess learning for kindergartners, Chess Nuts kindergarten chess is wholly different from our purple-shirted The Knight School elementary program. Here are the four big differences:

1) Our Chess Nuts kindergartners wear an orange shirt; The Knight School Elementary kids wear purple. That way there is no mistaking who needs the extra attention!

2) Our Chess Nuts kindergartners are the “students” during our recurring activity, “Yes, Junior?” in which veteran kids teach newbies specific tactics.

3) Our Chess Nuts kindergartners always enjoy a beginner’s lesson each week on the floor with their School Coach until they are ready to enter the general population.

4) Our Chess Nuts kindergartners are generally mentored by the older kids, which we have learned after thirty years of experimenting is the fastest way for kindergarteners to learn chess and be assimilated with established elementary chess players. Our kindergartners have reported for decades that mixing with the big kids is far more fun than being separated from them in a different room. Our mixing/mentor program is how we get fledglings on their feet, and we invite your kindergartner to join us this fall!

Class meets weekly for one hour and 15 minutes.


Participants must currently be 3 years and 11 months to 6 years old.

Registration period

Registration starts on 07/15/2023.

Participants may register at any time during this period.

In-person location

Arma Dei Academy: 341 Wildcat Reserve Pkwy, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126, USA

Room: Archimedes Room

Registration closed.